Next Step Foot and Ankle Centers

Dr. Jacob Lamb

June 29, 2018

image Dr. Jacob Lamb is a partner in Next Step Foot and Ankle Centers located in the St. Louis, Missouri and the Southern Illinois region. He works with a team of 6 podiatrists and a knowledgeable medical staff within the 10 office network. Dr. Lamb is also Chief of Podiatry at Des Peres Hospital.

From Dr. Lamb:

“Our group has been utilizing the Central Casting Program for several years with great success. Along with prescribing diabetic shoes and inserts, we have also prescribed various AFOs which we have found to be successful in the conservative treatment of arthritis, PTTD, Charcot and a variety of other ailments. Myself and my colleagues have also become acutely aware of the fall risk of seniors. With the rise of falls and near falls in my older patients, I find it increasingly important to assess their risk of falling. We consider the Moore Balance Brace to promote stability and balance. I often speak with the patient and their family that may come with them to decide if a treatment including the MBBs and possibly physical therapy can reduce their risk and help them maintain a happy and active lifestyle. A very high percentage of those patients who have received MBB’s are doing very well with them.

Tracy Harris, C.Ped, has been working with our practice to help support our DME program through the Central Casting Service. Tracy has been a great help in working alongside all of our doctors in several of our offices. She is an experienced and professional C.Ped as well as having a great demeanor with the patients”