Brieloff Foot Center

Dr. Peter Brieloff, DPM

January 7, 2018

image Peter Brieloff is the owner and president of the Brieloff Foot Center, an office-based general practice serving western Maryland and West Virginia. He is also on staff at the Western Medical Health System. In addition to complete involvement in patient care, he oversees the daily business of the Brieloff Foot Centers.

Dr. Brieloff has many patients on Medicare who turn to him for palliative care and age-related or age-acquired deformities. His patient base also consists of service-industry people who spend many hour sper day on their feet. As a result, he prescribed many orthotics as well as performing injections for heel pain and tarsal tunnel syndrome.

Since his office space was limited and lacked the space to store necessary supplies and equipment for creating custom braces, Dr. Brieloff stopped dispensing custom solutions in favor of over-the-counter and lace-up ankle supports. Any condition requiring more than that needed to be outsourced, requiring his patients to visit another practitioner in a different to be treated.

That all changed when Dr. Brieloff met Stu Wittner at Orthotic Holdings, Inc. (OHI) who introduced him to Central Casting. Central Casting is OHI’s on-demand, on-site pedorthic service through which clinicians work with the doctor to identify patients who would benefit from an AFO (ankle foot orthoses), orthopedic shoe and/or custom foot orthotic. The Central Casting pedorthist then measures, casts and dispenses the finished device or shoe from the doctor’s own office. Dr. Brieloff incorporated the Central Casting service in his practice after realizing the demand for custom orthotics in patients with gait abnormalities, and balance and structural issues.

“We’ve been using Central Casting for the past 2 years with great clinical success. I identify the patients who would benefit from Central Casting services and my staff is integral in ensuring the paperwork, supplies, braces, shoes, etc., are coordinated with our Central Casting pedorthist, Jeremy Long. Jeremy has been a great member of our team and our patients enjoy their visits with him. I rely on his experience and expertise to help ensure the best outcomes for our patients.”

Dr. Brieloff prescribes Moore Balance Braces as well as Arizona standard and Mezzo braces for many of his custom brace needs, including balance issues, arthritic abnormalities and structural conditions. His advice to colleagues is this: “If you are not doing custom bracing in your office, you should be. Your practice and patients will both benefit greatly from Central Casting services. Additionally, with webinars provided by Dr. Josh White and Central Casting you can leverage the MIPS/MACRA requirements to your advantage for Moore Balance Braces and diabetic shoes.”